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Welcome to Keo’s Shave Ice

Keo's Shave Ice is a small business based out of Minnesota. Our goal is to provide the most authentic and delicious shave ice possible.

Shave Ice

What goes into making it

At Keo's Shave Ice it's important to us that we provide only the best quality shave ice. We don't do sno cones and trust us when we say there's a difference.

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Spoons and bowls

It's important to us that we take care of the planet, with that being said all shave ice is served with recyclable supplies such as wooden spoons and paper bowls.

The Ice

Our ice consistency is inspired by the authentic shave ice that you can find on the Hawaiian Islands which leads to snow like texture.


We have a variety of syrups to choose from and you get to pick up to three for yourself. This leads to wild and endless combinations.

About Us

Keo's Shave Ice was founded by Joey (Keo) Perreira in the spring of 2019. The inspiration for the business dates all the way back to his childhood when his family traveled to the Hawaiian Islands to visit his father's family. Over the years Joey returned to the islands always making sure to grab his favorite treat, shave ice. After graduating high school Joey went on to study business with the dreams of one day owning his own. This dream came true just two years later when he opened Keo's Shave Ice. With the help of his friends and inspiration from his family, Keo's Shave Ice is now up and running for this year and many more to come.



One of our favorite things to do is to cater our product to your events. Whether it be a graduation, birthday, or even a wedding party we would love to be a part of your special occasion. Let us know by getting in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Event Calendar

Here you will find all of our events for the season. Scroll through the months to see our future events and plan your next shave ice experience. 

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